An Introduction

I am a woman, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend….I am a survivor. I am 39 years old. I have been married for 24 years. I have 3 children. I wanted to start this blog after reading an excerpt from a man the same age as my husband who had an affair and the ups and downs of the fall out, I also stumbled upon a blog written by one “the other woman”…both of which I found very eye opening. Together they prompted me to start this journey into the cyber world of blogging. I plan to go through the days that led up to, during and after my husband’s affair. I plan to be brutally honest, some of what I plan to share will offend some I’m sure. I don’t care this is about me.

I have spent the best part of my life giving more of myself to others than I ever have received in return. This has been true of 90% of the relationships I have had..friendships, etc.

My husband and I married at the age of 17 and 15. Most disagreed about this decision, so we eloped! Yes it was very difficult, but we were truly in love. We had a daughter at the time, she was a month old…no, she is not the reason we got married.

My husband, let’s just call him JR…was always very charming, and I was a sucker for him from day one. He was a little bit of a bad boy, not my usual type. Together we were perfect compliments to the other’s personalities.

Fast forward 11 years and we now have 3 children, a mortgage, a thriving business, the works. We often refer to those years as the happiest we shared. Of course then we fall into the same trap of wanting more, so we set out to get it. We moved into a much nicer, larger home. We spent 3 years there and those years were troubled, but not bad. Then the bug hit us again and so we once again upped our game an got an even bigger house. We were there, we were living in that house that we used to drive by in our early years of marriage and oh and ah about living in one day. This is when the trouble began. At this point our son was in 4th grade, one of our daughters had graduated from high school and not sure beyond that, our oldest daughter was a sophomore at UNC Chapel Hill. JR was working to expand the business and I decided he needed my help.

Well now that the introduction is done, let’s see who tunes in for more!

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4 Responses to An Introduction

  1. Broken Heart Recovery says:

    Love your blog. While I wouldn’t wish this hell on anyone I’m glad I’m not alone. I can’t wait to read more.

  2. Not Over It says:

    You got me hooked. Looking forward to reading regularly!
    Love & prayers,

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