Just read this by way of another blog I follow and I had to repost this. This makes so much sense to me after everything that my husband and I have talked about since his affair. He did so many things out of character for him with the OW that really hurt and I just couldn’t completely understand. He would spend so much time with her, bought her gifts, ignored everyone for her. So many times I have asked him why he was so diferent with her than he was with me ( I always assumed he loved her, loved her more than me), he always said, “I don’t know, I guess it was the newness of it.” He swore again and again that he never loved her, he cared for her but it was not love. He swears that he has only loved one woman in his life and that woman is me. It was hard to believe him in the beginning, but now I know it’s true. He once asked his therapist about this, he wanted to know why he did things for the OW that he didn’t do for me and the therapist explained it like having a new car. When you first get a car you wash it, wax it, forbid eating in it, park it away from other cars…but eventually time passes and you realize it’s just a car. Then you don’t spend as much time caring for it. It made me laugh when he told me this, but there is absolutely some truth in it.

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  1. hiddinsight says:

    thank you. thank you. just…thank you.

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