Read this and it pretty much sums up the last 2 years of my marriage. I am JR’s yoyo. I just never really thought of it like this before, but it is absolutely 100% how he handles me.


I caught on to this about half-way through my 30 year marriage.  I realized that my ex-husband Roger was learning, from me, what I would and would not accept.

One night, about 6 years into our marriage, I up and left.  I knew I would go back, and I did go back the next day.  But it scared the crap out of Roger and he made several promises to me that would have changed my world entirely if he had kept them.  He made those promises fully intending to keep them, but neither of us understood at the time that he was unable to keep them.  A person can not give what they don’t have.

Within a couple of months, the status quo had moved back in with us.  And I stayed and gave him a son the following year.  Roger learned that he could continue giving me the full…

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