Prayers for the families in CT…

Watching the news about the shooting in CT and my heart is so deeply saddened. This is such a testimony to not knowing what tomorrow holds. We are so guilty, myself included, of not treating life as something precious, as a gift. This tragedy certainly drives home how trivial our day to day problems are. We get so busy with life that we forget to tell the people in our lives that they are important and that we love them. So take time today, grab hold of the ones you love, squeeze them a little tighter, hug them a little longer and tell them that you love them. I think that at least for tonight I will insist that JR and I forget about all that is wrong in our marriage, remember all that is right and I’ll ask him to climb in bed and just hold me as tightly as he can. Sometimes all I need, to feel that everything is right in my world, are his arms around me.

Tonight I will say an extra prayer for the families in CT, and one to thank God for keeping my family safe another day.

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3 Responses to Prayers for the families in CT…

  1. Thanks, they are in my prayers as well.
    I did not know anything until a few minutes ago when my Dad called.
    It’s so awful that I don’t even know what to say.

  2. fran says:

    Amen God have mercy of this families

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