Such a great read about how the affair comes out. I had a trickler…but it was for a reason. Once I tried to go to sleep for good, (or had my episode, as I like to call it) JR was scared to death to give me too much information at once. He was scared it would send me over the edge again, he may have even been right. It took about 3 months to getthe whole truth. As for not remembering things, this is true for men, so, so, true. 2 years later I still got a couple of pieces of new information. He wasn’t trying to keep these things from me, he simply didn’t remember at the time. I even believe that future conversations may still reveal more…who knows.

Rescuing My Marriage

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Trickle-truth: A phenomenon whereby an individual who has betrayed their partner reveals the complete truth s little at a time, as opposed to all at once.

You either have a denier, a gusher or a trickler. A denier will deny the affair is happening, and make you feel like you are going crazy, filling you with self-doubt. A gusher will explode with all of the truth right away, whether they were caught or whether they willingly disclosed. A trickler, on the other hand, reveals information slowly, over time, possibly telling lies to conceal certain aspects of the truth until they are ready to let them out in a slow and controlled way, thereby delaying the betrayed partner from having the “complete truth” for some time.

Do you have a denier, a gusher or a trickler?

I had a gusher, and I am thankful.

First of all, I should back up…

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  1. hiddinsight says:

    Such great advice for wayward spouses!! I answered all his questions up front and never regretted it. I figured I had nothing to lose.

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