What My Drunk Self Says…

You know how they say that we speak the truth when we are drunk. Well as I sit here I find myself a little bit drunk so here goes with the truth and things I really want to say but never have the balls to say when I’m sober.

First to the other women…You are all STUPID. You live in a fantasy world that does not exist. These men DO NOT, and NEVER will love you. They love what you let them do to you…fuck you when and where they want. They love what you do for them…fuck them when and where they want, suck their dicks…etc. Many of these men lie to you about their wives. Their wives are NOT heartless, cold bitches who deny them sex. In fact we are usually just the opposite of that. These men leave your beds and go home and wash your nasty pussy off of their dicks and then proceed to stick said dicks into their wives. They love their wives…they do not love you. Your relationship is based on lies and deceit. Just as you are willing to do ANYTHING for these men, don’t you think that if they really LOVED you that they would do the same…including leave their wives. It is that simple…black and white. They don’t stay because “it’s complicated”. They stay because they want nothing more from you than sex!!! It’s only about how you make them feel…there is no love to be found. Stop being so fucking pathetic. Go out and find an AVAILABLE man for God’s sake. 


To the cheating men…You are all fucking COWARDS. You are selfish pricks. Despite what you think…you are NOT God’s gift to women. You are the lowest form of shit on the planet. If you want to cheat then leave your wife, at least give her the chance to find another love. Your wives have not remained faithful because she can only imagine being with you. She has remained faithful because she is strong…many of us can, and have imagined being with many other men. Many of us would probably actually enjoy another man in our bed. Unlike you we took our vows seriously. Grow some balls, tell the truth. Stop thinking you are entitled to have your cake and eat it too. You are not. Be accountable for your actions. If your wife is willing to forgive your lying, cheating ass, then thank her daily, for this was not an easy choice for her. 

To all of the betrayed Women…WTF is wrong with us. Why do we stay through all of the bullshit. Why do we choose to remain in relationships that now cause us to view ourselves as damaged. Why do we think that we could ever trust a man that was that willing to damage us to EVER have our best interest at heart? Why do we believe that faced with these same temptations again, our men will chose the right thing…because they did in the past? We are STUPID. We live in as much of a fantasy world as the OW do. We must be gluttons for punishment. How many times will we allow our men to hurt us, to break us into tiny little pieces? It’s a fucking insane roller coaster that we keep choosing to ride even though it makes us sick.


There is so much more…I could go on and on, but I think I made my point. That is all. Hope you enjoyed my drunken rant this evening.



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9 Responses to What My Drunk Self Says…

  1. Still Loving Him says:

    I enjoyed the hell out of it. I’m also enjoying a remourceful husband who’s fallen asleep with his head in my lap after apologizing for how I feel this evening. I let him read my reply to your comment on my page, I couldn’t snap out of my funk and it was unfair of me not to tell him why, not that it’s hard to figure out. Anyway I’ll take his apology tonight and I’ll expect it again tomorrow and the day after that too.

    You are right about the OW the cheating husbands and us. The AP’s are fucking, bat shit crazy, delusional whores. They are trying to steal another woman’s life, I wish they’d all line up along a highway for voluntary extermination. Worthless pieces of shit not worth the air in their wretched lungs.

    Our weak piece of shit husbands lured in by skanky pussy. Idiots. They should all get lashes and big red A’s tattooed on their foreheads so all the world will know what they’ve done.

    Yes we are stupid in our loyalty. Honestly I’ve been through an ex-husband that was almost as bad as this one, except he dragged me into his shit instead of lying about it all. My man picking skills clearly need refining. If I ever leave my husband (not likely, he’s pretty good now that he’s sober) I’m going to get major therapy and be single for a long time before I put myself back on the chopping block for a man. Fuck them all. I have pretty pink things that vibrate to keep me happy.

    My extreme version of a rant!!! Thanks for this Kayboo!

    • kayboo24 says:

      Haha….things that vibrate are way less complicated, unless the batteries die! Oh, I am sure that I will get a nice long apology, followed by a please don’t give up on me, accompanied by a “would you like to go to lunch”, tomorrow. But really I’m just tired of him doing things that he has to apologize for. I agree it’s my loyalty and plain stubbornness that makes me feel stupid most days.

  2. 99% of the time I feel like a complete moran. The other 1% I think in too drunk or to high on anxiety meds to care. I mean seriously, I’m letting my WS go back to an office job that’s next to his Mistress’s – in NYC where they liked to take hotels & fuck. This requires major delusion & head-sticking in the sand on my part. Some would say faith & trust, I say idiocracy.

    • Still Loving Him says:

      I don’t drink, living an alcholic and all… But Xanax is my constant companion. What a sad existence.

      • kayboo24 says:

        Red wine has become my drug of choice these days. I really just don’t know what to make of myself anymore. If this were either of my daughters, I would flat out tell them to run for the hills, not to waste one more minute of their lives in an unhappy relationship. The real irony here is that now I am the one who would be vulnerable to cheating. I do not get the attention or affection that I want and need from my husband…I have never been more unhappy. If the right man happened along at the wrong time it scares me to think of what could happen. Maybe that’s why I stay locked up in my house and never venture out alone. I told JR I live within a 2 mile radius…sad but true. Everything I need and do are within 2 miles of my home. Anytime I go any further than that I am with him. How did I become this woman?

  3. Samantha Baker says:

    I don’t think we are stupid for staying. I think we are just…trying not to give up on the one we love. Hoping that they can change. Hoping they can be the men we know deep down they can be. Is it putting our head in the sand? Maybe. But, I had to give it one more honest effort try. If he does it again, he’s gone, and he knows it. I will NOT go through this hell again.

  4. blogventer says:

    LOVED this post, Kayboo! (Totally wish I could reblog it, but not just at the moment. Have to hold back right now….) Hugs!

  5. Qgirl says:

    This is PRICELESS!! I couldn’t have said it better myself – drunk or sober! You are dead-on about us. Why the hell do we stay with these selfish douchebags?? If a friend did this to us it would be “adios, asshole!” And what they did to our children?? I told my husband that if a stranger hurt my son the way he did, that person would be in several blocks of cement in various rivers and lakes. Maybe some advice to future BS’s is needed here: When the discovery is made, pack a small bag for the WS, tell him you hope he’ll be happy with the whore, and punch him in the crotch. Indifference is the opposite of love.

  6. P says:

    Hey Ladies! perfect timing for me to stumble on this age! Dam it feels better already to know I’m not nuts or alone…wanna help some of you a bit if I can….Ive been enjoying the ease of a glass of wine while bawling my head off or a puff to numb some feelings. Never plan to quit drinking entirely but some of my most productive days for myself through this nightmare have been sober(ish) days. Treating your body to a healthier routine can only give you more strength. Sappy Sorry! Cheerz

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